In the Land of Lilacs Program Continues

As RASAS, we are taking part in school-based social adaptation studies in the Lands of Lilac Program, which we started in 2019 and are currently continuing. The program, which continues in public schools in Sultanbeyli district, includes closed groups of immigrant and Turkish students, provides awareness activities based on communication skills, conflict resolution and social cohesion, games and activities that support the fusion of peers from different cultures.

The sessions focused on cultural richness among children, aimes to reduce discrimination and prejudice between immigrant and Turkish children, support cohesion, and strengthen social cohesion and cooperation in the classroom.

In the Land of Lilacs at Sultanbeyli Girls Anatolian Imam-Hatip High School
In the Land of Lilacs program was implemented at Sultanbeyli Girls Anatolian Imam-Hatip High School under the auspices of our psychological consultants at our Children and Youth Center. The program started by holding a meeting with students in the school’s conference room on the first week of November. In the session where we supported the students to get to know each other, we talked about other sessions that will be held at the same time along with the content of the program. In the following sessions, we continued with inclusive practices and touched on the themes of “empathy”, “communication”, “children’s rights”, “migration” and “gender”. There were also occasional differences of opinion among students on the themes studied. Thus, we contributed to the development of the ability to discuss different ideas.

Harmony with Art at The Glass Furnace Foundation
For 5 weeks, we toured the Glass Furnace Foundation with students who were in communication and interaction with each other. During the visit, which we carried out to introduce the students to the art of glass, we participated in the “Glass Bead” “Fusion” and “Glassblowing” workshops located in the Glass Furnace Foundation. In particular, we observed that students supported each other in design in the Fusion Workshop.