Education Activites for Children And Youngers

Child and Youth Center was established in 2017, in order to make refugee children adaptation facilitated to new life standarts and also make suportive activities on education, protection, recovery, rehabilitation and improvement areas. 

By keeping them in the education which is the longest and the best protection method; all supportive activities in this scope are given to 4-18 years age range primary school students, middle school students, high school students, YÖS(Foreign Student Exam), HEP(Accelerated Education Programme) students and studets who stayed out of education because of various reasons. AlsoTurkish students are included to groups in order to make social cohesion facilitated. 

Entrance: Registration Desk, Confrence Hall which has a capaticy for 150 people, Pre-school classes and indoor playground.

1ST FLOOR: Classes, Garden and Canteen.

2ND FLOOR: Library, Art Lab, Classes, Admin Offices and Teacher’s Room.

3RD FLOOR: Coding and Sport Labs, Psychological Guidence and Counseling Unit, Classes

Working method mentorship activites of catch-up unit;

To help to projects, performances and routine homeworks of students

To retold the issues which had been told at schoold but not understood

To help students about their preparations to exams at school

To prepare the student for the next education level/class

To make students gained an efficient and programmed studying habit

Providing academic support in workshops which creates environments about daily life and use those experiences

To ensure development of sense of belonging between students by removing discrimination with social cohesion

Workshop/Class Fields:

To provide Turkish reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to school-going / out-of-school refugee studentsd providing high-level Turkish support to Turkish-speaking students. To provide language teaching that will facilitate the adaptation of children with language problems to the classroom environment.

To teach and remind their mother language by Arabic education to the students who don’t know or close to forget.

To give basic mathematic and analytical thinking skills to school-going/out of school refugee students.

Understanding the interplay between science, technology, society and the environment. To make gained the habit of research and thinking based on experimental criteria, logical thinking and continuous questioning.

A theater group consisting of 20 Turkish and 20 Syrian students and a music choir was established in Sultanbeyli district in order to contribute to their emotional development by creating a safe environment where children can express themselves and establish relationships with their psycho-social, cognitive and language development.

Giving taste of art to students by organizing painting, clay and marbling etc. activities. Supporting talented students on their development at art by giving them extra courses.

With basic coding training, children are taught to practice the logic of creating algorithms and to express their creativity using technology.

(Computers, 3D Printers, Projectors, educative robot, Breadboard, LED, electrical circuit parts)

Ders ortamının dışında öğrencilerin bedensel ve sosyal yönlerini geliştirici aktiviteler yapmak.( Masa tenisi, Langırt, Satranç, Boardgames)


Beneficiaries of ÇOGEM and age range between 2017 – 2019(From September 2017 to December 2019)


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