Refugees Association
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Rehabilitation and Psychological Support CenterRehabilitation and Psychological Support Center
Refugees Rehabilitation and Psychological Support Centre that serves under the roof of Refugees Community Centre has started it’s activities on 13 February 2017. Those who have congenitally physical disabilities or refugees who subsequently have physical disabilities because of war, those who need psychological support and the families of these people can get service in the Refugees Rehabilitation and Psychological Support Centre.

Psychiatric Treatment Service
Psychological Support Center continues to operate in the Mülteciler Association with three psychologists, two clinical psychologists and one Turkish, one Syrian psychiatrist. Single and group sessions can be both provided by the center.

Patients who come to the center for psychiatrist sessions are being evaluated by the doctor. Light cases are generally referred to the PSS sessions for a relatively light therapy. For the cases that doesn’t need medication during therapy are being referred to the clinical psychologists for MHPSS sessions. If medication needed, psychiatrist starts the treatment process all by himself. He prescribes the proper medicine for patients according to specific diagnosis that he detects.

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