Counceling Services For Employment 

The Career Center Unit, which provides service within the scope of the Career Center that will be carried out in partnership with UNHCR and Sultanbeyli Municipality Refugees Association, aims to provide new opportunities for the beneficiaries by organizing job and vocational counseling trainings and also skill development trainings and workshops in order to direct beneficiaries to the employment and to develop themselves . Within the scope of Job and Vocational Counseling service, it brings together businesses in need of labor and job seekers, and contributes to both meeting the workforce needed by businesses and the employment of job seekers.


In the scope of Career Center Project, counceling services in 5 different areas will be given to Turkish and refugee individuals. These areas;

Preparing CV, Job Seeking Techniques
Interview Support
Employee Law and Labor Law
Work Life In Turkey
Vocational Counseling

In addition to the consultancy service, skills development training and vocational workshop training will also be provided. These trainings aim to improve people’s skills and increase their social and professional skills before working life.

Workshop Trainings will be certain in the process and will support people at the point of vocational training.

In addition to supporting the participation of people in employment, providing them with social environments, ensuring their integration with the society, enabling them to achieve goals and to continue their lives in line with their personalities and needs is another important goal of the project.

In this context, people will be analyzed with a holistic perspective and, when necessary, they will be supported in different areas within the Association.


Employment  and Vocational Educations

Employment Services

The aim of the unit is to make people ready for employment thanks to the consultancy and training they receive, to meet the workforce needed by businesses and to contribute to the employment of citizens seeking employment by bringing together businesses that need labor and job seekers.

As the employment desk, consultancy services are provided to citizens in our district Sultanbeyli and other districts of Istanbul, who are in need of a job, who are looking for a job, and on all matters about business life.

Basic Principles

The services provided in the Job and Vocational Counseling unit are free of charge. You can reach this unit on 0 553 858 39 62 during working hours.

Ensuring that Job Seekers are Directed to the Correct Job by Aware of Their Competencies
Ensuring Companies Find the Right Employee for Their Needs
Decreasing Unemployment
Preventing The Abusers