Tesnim Can Walk Without Support

7 Years old Tesnim`s, suffering from Cerebral Palsy Diparalesia, family brought her to the Association`s Physical Therapy Center in Ümraniye in July. Tesnim, who could not walk before the treatment, is provided with orthotic support in addition to her regular treatment sessions.

Tesnim could only sit unassisted in her first visit. Stretching and strengthening exercises were given in physical therapy sessions. She had tendon shortening problems in the lower extremities. She had lengthening surgery in September. After removing the plaster, she started physical therapy sessions again in October and achieved the supported standing phase. Orthosis was applied to support the lower extremities in November. She has come a long way both with the support of the orthosis and her regular sessions and she started to stand without any support. The physical therapy process continues and now Tesnim can walk up to 4 steps without support. She can go up and down the stairs with support.

Her father said the following about the treatment process of Tesnim;

My daughter’s condition is better now, we received physical therapy support from the Refugees Association before and after the surgery. Tesnim could not stand or walk. She can take a few steps now. Tesnim is seven years old and until now, we could not even imagine that she would be able to walk, we had no hope. The sessions in the association were very beneficial. Thank you so much for making us happy.

Conscience International
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