The Child Protection Unit operates mainly in 3 areas. These areas are child neglect, child abuse, and social and economic support.

As a result of the protocol signed by the Refugee Association of the Child Protection Unit with the Provincial Directorate of Family, Labor and Social Services – Sultanbeyli Social Service Center in 2016, the Child Protection Unit operates within the scope of the Child Protection Law No. 5395 with the signature authority given to the employees of the Child Protection Unit.

In the Child Protection Unit, direct and indirect studies are carried out on child neglect and abuse. Consultancy measures, education measures, health measures, care measures, and social and economic support are offered within the borders of Sultanbeyli; Apart from Sultanbeyli, in addition to direct interventions such as counseling support, denunciation, guidance, and information, protective, preventive, supportive, guidance, and rehabilitative activities are offered to all client groups.

Principles of the Chiled Protection Unit:

Principles and Values:

Refugees Association recognizes the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish Civil Code, the Social Services and Child Protection Agency Law No. 2828 and the Child Protection Law No. 5395, and other legislative documents on children’s rights and adopts the values specified in these documents in its work.

The Refugee Association bases its work on the following principles:

We are against any activity that may harm children bio-psycho-socially and against the use or possession of any material that may cause such harm; do not tolerate any person or phenomenon that may pose a risk to children.

The Refugees Association operates directly for the protection of children and the improvement of living conditions, but supports all kinds of activities in this area and for this purpose, and strives for the better.

It aims to ensure the participation of the child in decisions and processes that will directly affect the child, taking into account the principle of the high benefit of the child.

The Refugees Association advocates for the child to reach his/her basic rights and needs in decisions and processes that directly or indirectly affect the child.

By analyzing the data obtained from the studies carried out, training, seminars, workshops for the problems that are most likely to occur; we communicate with the necessary institutions and organizations and informs them about landscaping or taking different measures.