SED unıt

Social and Economical Support, Consultancy, Health, Accomodition and Care/Nursing Measure

Social and Economic Support, Education Measure, Counseling Measure, Health Measure, Housing and Care Measure Decisions are services that are provided by the Ministry of Family Labor and Social Services (MCHF). As a result of the protocol between the Refugees Association and MCHU, these services have been delivered to the clients by the Refugees Association since 2016.

In order to carry out these studies, a social observation is carried out along with interpreters by visiting the families which have been directed to us from within or outside the institution or determined by us. Since provided service is child-oriented, interviews are made with mothers and children and, if necessary, it is discussed with other family members. In this discussion; General information about family members’ background (health, education, psycho-social, economic situation, working life…) and demands of family are obtained. After this information is evaluated, the problems of the family are determined and the intervention plan required for the solution of the problems is prepared by the professional who conducts the social observation as a report (Social Review Report). The prepared report is submitted to commision that is formed in Sultanbeyli Social Work Center. If the commission approves, the intervention plan deemed appropriate by the professional starts to be implemented by the authorized units. If there is no exceptional situation in the family, it is visited by one of professionals in that unit once in 3 month and a brief report is prepared about the family’s process. Thus, the family’s development process is followed by evaluating at regular intervals.



Princibles Of The Unıt 

  • Confidentiality of the personal information
  • Equitable and equal distribution of resources
  • Fighting against discrimination
  • Respect for different cultures
  • Unconditional admission

In case of detecting the child / children neglected by their parents, a Consultancy Measure decision is taken about the family. This decision is followed by the relevant juvenile court. With this desicion, some lectures and trainings are given to parents on how to raise their children, and to kids on how to solve their problems related to the education by professional staff (psychologist, sociologist, social worker and psychological counselor). Every training that is done is reported and sent to the relevant court. Counseling service can continue throughout the period the family has problem. Consultancy Decision aims;

  • To prevent neglect of the child,
  • To ensure that the child is raised in a family environment,
  • To ensure that parents spare time for their children,
  • To examine the development of children closely.

The educational measure decision is taken regarding a child who is at the age of compulsory education and does not go to school. This decision is implemented by the management of the closest school to the child. The relevant professional in the school carries out studies related to the educational process of the child with the family. Educational  Measure aims at;

  • The child attending an educational institution daily or boarding,
  • Directing the children who do not / cannot attend an educational institution to a vocational or art acquisition course in order to obtain a job and a profession or placing the child next to a professional, or in public or private workplaces.


If parents are unable to take care of the child/children, a Care measure decision is taken to place them in a Childcare/Children’s shelter suitable for their gender and age. When the child/children are in the childcare, if the related professionals decide that the family are able to take care of the children, thet are returned to the family. Care measure decision aims;

  • To ensure the monitoring of the child’s educational and health status and their physical and psycho-social development,
  • To prevent the child from being neglected or abused.

If the parents are not concerned with the child’s health problems, a Health measure decision is taken regarding the child suffering from a health problem. The Health measure  decision taken is implemented by the professional staff in the social service unit of the closest hospital to the family’s residential address. Necessary follow-up and guidance about the health process of the child is done by the professional staff in the Social Service unit. Health measure decision aims at;

  • Protection of child’s physical and mental health,
  • Providing the required temporary or continous medical care and rehabilitation for treating the children who suffered physical and mental damage,
  • Treating the children who use the addictive substances ,
  • Ensuring the healthy growth of the children.


Statistical Datas Which Belongs To Activities of SED Unit.

Number of Families Intervıewed
Families Who Got SED
Families Whose Economic Support Terminated ​
Updated Number Of Families Which Is Getting SED​

Economıc, Educatıon, Consultancy and Health Measures:



Number of children who got education, consultancy and health measures



Number of families who got education, consultancy and health measures

Numbers of Famılıes Whıch Got SED by Years :













Socıal Economıcal Support Unıt Members

Kadri Güngörür
Sosyal Worker/Unit Officer

Maltepe University
Department of Social Services Bachelor Degree

Firdevs Doğan
Social Worker

Maltepe University
Department of Social Services Bachelor Degree

Rümeysa Kahraman
Social Worker

 29 Mayıs University
Department of Social Services Bachelor Degree

Esra Ünsal
Social Worker

Uludağ University
Department of Sociology Bachelor Degree

Fatma Elabden

Niğde Ömer Halis Demir University
Food Engineering (Continues…)