We work for strong women who know their rights 

In the Refugee Association’s Women’s Protection Unit  support is provided to single women, single parents, women in need of shelter, women who have been or may be trafficked, women who have been forced into prostitution or wanted to be dragged, and women who have been subjected to gender-based violence. We aim to have strong women who know their rights and can stand on their feet without being dependent on others.

In order to have the right to alimony in Turkey, there is an official marriage condition the conditions for not receiving alimony in case there is official marriage:

  • Persons with a certain income, who will not suffer from poverty after divorce,
  • persons who are gain salary  monthly salary, widow salary, pension or old age salary etc regularly;
  • Persons who receive sufficient social assistance, have rental income, have income from abroad, and have unemployment benefits
  • Persons who have a profession, practice their profession and have a certain income accordingly,
  • Spouses who have a certain amount of money in the bank and have interest income,
  • Persons who have a profession or a certain talent, but who refuse to use it voluntarily,
  • Gambling addicted spouses,
  • Spouses with the same income as their spouses,
  • The spouse whose spouse is poor cannot receive alimony after divorce.

According to the 18th article of the labor law, pregnancy does not constitute a valid reason for the termination of the employment contract.

Article 5 of the same law also includes the article that no other direct or indirect action can be taken against a worker due to pregnancy unless physical, biological or reasons that do not affect the quality of the work are obligatory. Working women in violation of these laws will be able to demand compensation and other rights that are their own.

According to Article 74 of the Labor Law; It is essential that female workers not be employed for a total of sixteen weeks, eight weeks before giving birth and eight weeks after it.

There are state shelters (ŞÖNİM) for sheltering women who have been subjected to violence by their spouses or relatives. It is important for a woman who has been subjected to physical violence to receive a report of assault from the doctor within the first 72 hours.  

For shelter requests and complaints, it is necessary to apply to law enforcement agencies such as the police and gendarmerie. In cases where it is not possible to leave the house, 24/7 support can be obtained from the 155 Police Emergency or Alo 183 Women, Children and Social Service hotline. Complaints made to law enforcement officers should be included in the statement of the request for shelter, unless the law enforcement officers remind them.

Regardless of men and women, the procedures regarding the establishment of an individual or a capital company for beneficiaries under international protection or temporary protection are carried out by applying the company establishment procedures over the foreign identification number starting with 99. These procedures are;

  • In order to open a business, an application is made to the tax office with a petition. With the receipt of the tax plate, the tax opening is made.
  • Tradesmen and craftsmen registration is made by the chamber of tradesmen and craftsmen. Afterwards, the relevant room registration is made.
  • A work permit application is made via e-state.
  • A record is created in Bağkur.
  • Work permit and license application is made in the municipality.
  • A license can be obtained after a municipal police officer comes and inspects it.

Instead of monogamy, where the man can marry more than one woman with the Civil Law, instead of divorce resulting in the man saying “be free”, instead of the woman and man filing a divorce case based on the reasons specified in the Law, and divorce with a court decision, instead of the son receiving the full share and the daughter half share from the inheritance. It has been accepted that both receive equal shares.

According to the Turkish Civil Code, only official marriage is legally recognized in Turkey. official marriage is important to secure the legal rights of children and spouses.

According to the Principle of Equal Treatment in Article 5 of the Labor Law, no discrimination based on language, race, color, gender, disability, political thought, philosophical belief, religion and sect can be made in business relations. Unless biological or work-related reasons necessitate, the employer cannot make a difference to an employee in the conclusion of the employment contract, in the creation, implementation and termination of the employment contract, due to gender or pregnancy. For work of equal value, a lower wage cannot be agreed on the grounds of gender. The application of special protective provisions (nursing leave, maternity leave, etc.) due to the gender of the worker does not justify the application of a lower wage. Men and women have equal rights before the law.