Refugees and Asylum Seekers Assistance and Solidarity Association was established in 2014 in order to seek solutions to the problems of people who have left their country and need international protection. RASAS supports refugees in need with its staff consisting of different nationalities.

Our institution, which is called the Refugees Association for short, carries out its activities without any discrimination based on reasons such as language, religion, race, gender, age, disability, political opinion differences. We work in cooperation with private sector organizations, non-governmental organizations, and public institutions to support the elimination of all vital needs, especially the main problems of refugees, and to ensure their rapid adaptation to society.



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Frequently Asked Questions About Refugees Association

Refugees and Asylum Seekers Aid and Solidarity Association was established in November 2014 by philanthropists living in the Sultanbeyli district. In its early years, the association provided services only in the fields of translation and health.

The Refugees Association offers its activities in 24 different fields to foreign nationals from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Uighurs, and other countries, as well as its own Turkish citizens.

Refugees and Asylum Seekers Aid and Solidarity Association was established in 2014 in the Sultanbeyli district. It has a Community Center and a Children’s and Youth Center operating in Sultanbeyli district. However, it also has an office in Umraniye district where Physical Rehabilitation, Mental Health, and Protection services are provided. Our association does not have any activities in any other city of Turkey except these two districts.

All activities of the Refugees Association are project-based and all of the funds are sourced from abroad. You can reach our ongoing and completed projects, project budgets, and funding agencies from this link.

Within the scope of our ongoing projects, as Refugees Association, we provide service in the areas of physical therapy, mental health, protection, legal counseling, vocational training, career counseling, Turkish language education, psychological counseling, guidance for students, and mentoring activities.

The Refugees Association is a local association operating in Istanbul and it does not provide foreigners with Turkish citizenship, residence permit, work permit, entry and exit permit to Turkey.  RASAS does not have the authority to bring foreigners to Turkey or deport them.  All these operations are carried out through the official institutions of the State of the Republic of Turkey. The Association of Refugees provides various services in the field of migration and provides local services it is a non-governmental organization.

You can learn about our work by following the Refugee Association website and social media accounts. You can reach to our Social Media Accounts from this link


Activity Reports of Refugees and Asylum Seekers Aid and Solidarity Association 

All the services provided by RASAS can be found in this guide. Turkish, English, and Arabic versions of this guide are available. 


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