Rules for Opening and Operating a Workplace in Turkey

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In accordance with the relevant laws, in order to open and operate a workplace in Turkey, it is required to notify certain registration and legal authorities. Failure to provide such notifications may result in a fine and termination of the activity of the workplace.

The processes that need to be completed in relation to this;
Registration with the tax office: Registration must be made within 10 days after the opening of the workplace.
Obtaining a work permit: An application must be made following the opening of the workplace.
License to open and operate a workplace: After registration with the tax office and obtaining a work permit, an application must be made and a license to open and operate a workplace must be issued.

If you do not have a work permit within the scope of a project that we will be carrying out, you can apply with United Work. All costs incurred during the license application process will be covered by the project.
For pre-registration you can call the number 0 216 784 51 05  or CLICK HERE to reach all of our contact information.