Human Resources department at the Refugees Association; undertakes duties such as corporate policies, recruitment processes (announcement, interviews, etc.), preparation of personnel files, monitoring and management of the leave of absence used by the personnel, leave of employment procedures, internal interviews, improvements, implementation and sustainability of internal regulations and procedures.


Basic Principles of Our Human Resources Politics:

Establishing and implementing the system regarding the determination, selection and recruitment processes of the human resources that will enable our institution to carry out its activities in the most effective and efficient way possible.

To identify, implement and evaluate the results for the benefit of the institution, aiming to provide our employees with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary to keep them up to date with all kinds of developments and changes in the nature of their job, to increase their job satisfaction, and to be more successful in the business environment.

To develop the performance management system and to ensure its effective implementation in order to enable the employees to see their own work outputs and to evaluate the results of their individual success.

To create and implement a career management system that will enable our employees at all levels to be evaluated in the most effective way, that ensures the continuous development of the employees within the organization, prepares them for the responsibilities above their current position, and making them willing to take more responsibility.

Gathering information about the scope of work performed in the institution, human resource requirements and working conditions, and making job analyzes based on this information, preparing job descriptions in accordance with changing conditions.

To develop systems that will encourage success and creativity by providing working conditions suitable for the quality of the service provided. In this context; making use of the creativity of all our stakeholders (employees, partners, suppliers, society) and transforming them into services, processes, systems and social interactions, to produce ideas that will provide innovation and add value to the institution, employees and other stakeholders.

Giving directions to implementations by taking opinions from employees by survey etc.

To support occuring “Corporate Culture and Awareness” by defining and satisfiying the socio-cultural needs of employees.

Creating long term values instead of focusing on short term solutions, generalizing the awareness on evaluating socio-economic dimensions on goal setting for this purpose. 

To ensure that employees adopt ethical principles, the purpose is; to prevent all kinds of disputes and conflicts of interest that may arise between employees, third parties and the employer. In this context, it is to provide training to all employees on workplace code of conduct, sexual abuse and harassment policy, conflict of interest and child protection policy.



To ensure chosing and assigning the right personnel which is appropriate for abilities of work and work conditions,

To provide the personnel with opportunities to grow and develop according to their abilities,

To continue to work with the employees who prioritize and adopt the values of respect to people and environment, the happiness of employees, reliability,

To ensure the implementation of the rights of the personnel regarding personal affairs,

To inform employees about the topics which is related with themselves, to mediate them to make it easier transmitting their visions and thoughts to their officers or administration.