Education Activities For Youngers and Children

It is aimed that students acquire skills in the academic and social fields, improve existing skills and reach the same level of interaction with their peers.

The Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit of the Refugees Association offers consultation to teachers in 66 schools in the district with the cooperation protocol it has signed with the Sultanbeyli District Directorate of National Education and provides pedagogical support to 3850 students and parents under temporary protection in these schools.
In this context, school attendance and academic status follow-up in the unit, group and individual counseling services for psychosocial support, parent work to support the education life of children, school meetings and family workshops to strengthen the school-family-child relationship, social adaptation activities to support the integration of the students in the district, studies are conducted to direct the relevant units and institutions.

Working Method:

Beneficiariy Detection

First contact with the beneficiary

Detection of the needs of beneficiary

Creating an aim on psychological counseling

Determining the strategy and intervention methods

Directings, managing the counseling process

Ending and observation


These are interviews based on measuring the well-being of students and following and supporting their academic processes. It includes one-time or continuous interviews for students’ compliance, tendency to violence, peer bullying, absenteeism issues, and problems faced in school.

Relationships with families are held, which will contribute to accessing more detailed information about the student and preparing the school environment for the student.

The education system in Turkey, the characteristics of children’s development period, education’s contribution to the families of students, school-family collaboration, child neglect and abuse, positive discipline methods, parental attitudes and problems experienced in schools and their content such as the solutions of information and awareness activities are carried out.

War, migration, trauma, abuse, violence, etc. These are activities aimed at minimizing the degree of sensitivity experienced on issues. Our aim is to increase psycho-social resilience, improve life skills, and strengthen social harmony.

These are studies conducted on sensitive issues such as risk of dropout, absenteeism, domestic violence, early marriage and child labor.

These are interviews with the administration and teachers in order to plan the work carried out in schools and to follow up the refugee students in schools.

It is the work carried out to monitor the absenteeism of children who were previously registered by us or who did not attend school for a certain period of time while they were enrolled in the school, and the schooling of the students who had education or counseling measures and the follow-up of the counseling process.

Detection, control, Ram referral and report etc. of children with behavioral and mood disorders such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, learning difficulties, mental retardation, autism, mutism. It is to provide guidance in necessary procedures.

Open Education, Graduation, Foreign Student Exam (YÖS), High School Pass Exam (LGS) etc. informing students on matters; To make inventory applications to determine the vulnerability of refugee students; It includes information, guidance and assessment-based studies provided to students regarding the completion of exams and documents.

These are social activities carried out in order to increase the harmony of the local people, refugees and asylum seekers under the roof of the school. Parent meetings, school trips and workshops are carried out under this scope.

Counseling activities are organized in order to provide a systematic and continuous assistance for individuals to develop in schools in accordance with the objectives of the Turkish national education system in physical, mental and social ways.


Child and Youth Center beneficiaries and their age range between 2017-2019(From September 2017 untill December 2019)

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