Refugees Association
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Business and Career Counseling
The office of Business and Career Counseling provides services at the Social Refugee Center in Sultanbeyli.
All types of support are provided free of charge in the search for employment and during employment procedures for job seekers, within the scope of the Office’s advisory services.In addition, refugee entrepreneurs who wish to establish their own businesses are provided with all the technical support they need.For companies which need staff , employment support is given by our corporate database in which the staff has registered for jop search , in the direction of professional information.

Employment Desk;

  • Gives free service to prevent exploitation in order to,
  • Reduce employment
  • Find the suitable staff for companies’ need.
  • Give right information and guidance for entreprenuers who want to open a business.

The Services We Give For Staff Searching Job and For the Ones Want to Open a Business

  1. Accounting transactions
  2. To take an electronic signature(e-signature)
  3. Application for work permit
  4. Licensing business
  5. Orientation to professional courses.