Work Permit and Licensing

Job and Vocational Counseling Desk serves within the Sultanbeyli Refugees Community Center. Within the scope of Job and Vocational Counseling service, it brings together businesses in need of labor and refugees looking for a job, contributing to both meeting the workforce needed by businesses and the employment of refugees seeking job. In our unit, all kinds of technical and consultancy support are provided to entrepreneurial refugees who want to start their own business. On behalf of the companies employing foreign personnel and entrepreneurial refugees, our unit applies for and follows up the work permit during the legalization processes.


Informations About Work Permit, Work Permit Types And How To Get A Work Permit

What Is Work Permit?

Work Permit is a document, which is prepared by Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Politics, that a foreigner needs if he/she wants to work as an employer in Turkey. All foreigners who want to work in Turkey must follow legal steps about work permit and have one. 

In Turkey, WORK PERMITS are prepared/regulated by The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Politics and they give a right of residency and work to foreigners for a legal period.

Work Permit Types

Independent Work Permit

Foreigners who are professional on a profession may be granted an independent work permit, provided that the special conditions specified in other laws are met.

Indefinite Term Work Permit

Foreigners who have long-term residency permit or who have work permit at least 8 years can apply to indefinite work permit.

Definite Term Work Permit

According to The International Labor Law; work permit can be given, with the condition of not to be more than the legal period of employment or service contract, for 1 year to foreigners whose application for work permit is approved in order to work for a real person or legal entity or public sector.

Turquoise Card

In the line with The International Labor Law; Turquoise Card can be given to foreigners who is being found appropriate according to procedures and priciples which are determined by ministry, suggestions of International Labor Policy Advisory Board, education level, professional experience, contribution to science and technology, effect of activitiy or investment to Turkey or Turkish economy.


Documents and Permissions Which Are Necessery For a Legal Business.

What Is Business Licence?

Business and working license is the permission granted by the authorized administrative units to open workplaces within the scope of the Regulation on Opening a Business and Working Licenses and to work.

A workplace cannot be opened and operated without a license duly obtained from the competent authorities. Other than the authorized administrations in the regulation, professional organizations, etc. Other licenses and documents obtained from places do not eliminate the obligation to obtain license. Workplaces that are opened and operated without a license can be closed by authorized administrations such as the special provincial administration or the municipality.

License Types

Sanitary Establishments

Grocery, market, butcher, poultry shop, fisherman, restaurants, cafeterias, teahouse, patisseries, buffet etc.

Non-Sanitary Establishments

Pastry, dessert, bagel, ravioli factories, bakery ...

Public Rest and Entertainment Places

Hotel, apart hotel, hostel, coffee house, coffee country coffee houses, tea garden and tea houses, internet cafes...


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Work Permit Applications Number
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