Refugees Association
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deskLegal Consultancy and Case Proceeding
In the Legal Department of Refugee Community, legal consultancy, guidance and following of case services are provided for the refugees and asylum seekers; also they support consultants who are in vulnerability in the time of accessing justice. All services in our department are provided free of charge and they are implemented under the principle of equality and privacy.

Case Proceeding and Guidance
In the case of requests of consultants, the issues that exceed the limit of our services are able to guided another institutions which are related to it, or the issues in our services area are guided in the community. Most of the consultants are women who are exposed to discrimination because of their gender and domestic violence, and girls who are married with forced and traditional methods. It is followed by lone parents, disabled, elderly and people who are exposed physical violences.

International Protection and Refugee Law
Consultation topics are headed Family Law,
Labor Law, Lease Law and Criminal Law which are related with Private Law respectively; also International Protection and Refugee Law problems of people who are asylum seekers in or out of Turkish border or ask for right to asylum. Also in the Legal Department there are interpreter supports for beneficiaries to express themselves in the best way.

Legal Department is served in the 5th floor in our community.