Legal Counseling and File Tracking
Refugees Association Legal Unit can provide legal consultancy, guidance, and case follow-up services to refugees and asylum seekers; they also support some clients who are in a vulnerable situation by being with them in their access to justice processes. All services in our unit are provided free of charge as they are carried out under the principle of equality and confidentiality.

Case Tracking and Referral
In line with the requests of the clients, external referrals can be made to another institution or organization that has knowledge of the relevant event, and in-house referrals are currently made in cases that fall within our service areas. The majority of the clients are women who are exposed to discrimination and domestic violence because of their gender, and girls who are forced into marriage with traditional methods. This ranking is followed by single parents, disabled, elderly, and victims of physical violence.

International Protection and Refugee Law
The subjects consulted are Family Law, Labor Law, Rental Law, and Criminal Law problems, in order of intensity, regarding Private Law; International Protection and Refugee Law problems of asylum seekers or asylum seekers within or outside the borders of Turkey are at the forefront. Translator support is also provided in the Legal Unit so that the beneficiaries can express themselves in the best possible way.

The Legal Department serves on the 5th floor of our association.


Precedent decisions are related to an effective application, Prohibition of ill-treatment, personal liberty, right to security, right to life, Administrative supervision, and deportation.

Precedent decisions 1

sample Precedent decisions

Precedent decisions 2

sample Precedent decisions


Frequently Asked Questions About Consumer Rights

If the purchased product is defective, the consumer has 4 selectivity rights:

  • Right to get back the price paid by returning the goods
  • The right to a price reduction at the rate of defect
  • The right to request free repair of the goods
  • The right to exchange goods without defect


The consumer can use any of these rights. From the moment the goods are delivered to the consumer, the consumer must exercise one of these rights within two years. The seller must fulfill the consumer’s demand.

If the seller does not agree to exercise the selective rights to the defective product, the consumer may exercise his rights by applying to the arbitration committee or consumer courts according to the value of the product.

No, you can terminate your subscription without paying any price. In case of contractual subscriptions, the consumer’s settlement location changes and it is impossible to provide the service subject to the contract to the consumer in the same quality in the new settlement, the consumer can terminate their subscription before its expiration without paying any price.

Opening a line in the consumer’s name without their knowledge is a crime. It is necessary to go to the nearest courthouse and file a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office.

Although the consumer has the right to exchange the product, the seller has the right not to accept the refund for the products purchased by seeing the store.

If the received product is defective, the consumer has the right to refund the price by returning the product, ask for a discount on the defective product, ask for the same product to be replaced with a defective one, or request a free repair of the product.

The consumer can return the product and get his money back using the right of withdrawal without any reason and without any extra fees within 14 days.

The consumer may apply to the arbitration committee or the consumer court. You can apply to the consumer arbitration committee for disputes with a value below 11.330 TL* (for 2021) and to the consumer court for disputes with a value above this value.

Applications can be submitted to the Consumer Arbitration Committee, which is located at the consumer’s place of residence.

Applications can be submitted to the consumer arbitration committee by hand, by mail or electronically via the Consumer Information System via the e-Government system. The application is free of charge.

The decisions of the consumer arbitration committee bind the parties, and if the seller does not comply with the relevant decision, enforcement proceedings may be initiated.

The decision can be appealed by contacting the Consumer Court at the place where the Consumer Arbitration Committee is located within 15 days from the date of notification of the decision.

You can get information from the “175” Consumer Information line.