Refugees Association
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GuesthouseGuest House
Women’ Guest House, which was constituted within Refugee Association provides possibility for shelter to women who have exposed to all kinds of violence by their husbands, who have been abused by their family members, and those who have been alone with their children because of divorce or death and have not had any chance for shelter. In addition to providing a place where they and their children feel safe, during that process the Guest House takes remarkable steps in order for women to actively participate in life. Also, children staying in the Guest House are especially supported for their education maintenance.

The women who register for the Guest House are accepted after the social and psychological analysis of committe formed by the Guest House coordinator, psychologist , sociologist and specialist.

Women and children accepted to the Guest House are psychosocial supported according to the need. Women are directed to hobby courses or occupational education according to their abilities in order to make a living.

Women Guest House of Refugee Association serve with 9 apartments.The apartments’ bill and rent expenses are supplied by our association, by donors, and by one of our business partner Welthungerhilfe.