The Women’s Solidarity Center, established within the body of the Refugees Association, provides shelter to women who have been subjected to all kinds of violence by their spouses, who become lonely with their children due to divorce or death and couldn’t find any shelter, and who have been abused within the family. In addition to providing a space for women and their children to feel safe, it also produces measures and solutions to ensure women’s participation in life. It is particularly being supported the children in the Solidarity Center to continue their education.

Women who applied to the Solidarity Center are accepted according to result of psychological and sociological evaluation which is being done by a comittee which is consisting of center manager, psychologist, social worker and protection officer.

Women and their children, who are admitted to the Solidarity Center, receive psycho-social support according to their needs, and women are directed to vocational training and hobby courses according to their abilities and skills, and regain their life.