What is Society Focused Protection?

Community-oriented protection means cooperating with different communities on the basis of individual capacity, representation, rights and human dignity for all fields of activity carried out under the umbrella of the association. It is the process of identifying the resilience, competence areas and resources of different audiences and using them to develop their capacities. In order to plan, organize, carry out and sustain this process effectively, it is important to determine the political structure, vulnerabilities, gender roles, social structure, protection risks and priorities.

On this basis, activities are carried out to improve two-way communication by providing an environment of participation that will build trust in order to strengthen the existing capacity of the communities and to encourage voluntary participation. Developed community networks, inter-refugee support groups, commissions, and refugee-led community-oriented activities contribute significantly to protect ,support communities and strengthen social cohesion with the host community.

As a result, the community-oriented approach helps communities to solve their social problems without the need for outside support and to take responsibility in this regard.

Our aims:

Supporting the dignity and self-esteem of the individual
Facilitating the access of all individuals in the society to human rights by strengthening the working mechanisms of all actors in cooperation


Why Rights and Community Based Approach?

To support and strengthen the capacities and autonomy of individuals and communities,

To promote respect for rights and accountability within the institutional structure,

To support the dissemination of age, gender and diversity-oriented approaches,

To increase the capacity and efficiency of the institution,

We advocate a right and community-based approach to develop sustainable solutions and methods.


Solidarity Groups:

It is a group that aims to enable refugees to express their thoughts and feelings about the events that are within the national and international agenda, and to enable them to identify the problems that they suffer from and develop a proposal for appropriate solutions to them and make them find ideas and proposals towards raising the quality of the activities and services of the Refugee Association And refugee seekers for help, solidarity, and support for the dissemination of correct information through their own channels, and encouraging them to transfer the information they have collected to work places by identifying the areas in which they possess information and skills of their own, as well as in order to enable the continuity of all these matters.

The first article of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) emphasizes the recognition of all women’s human rights based on equality of men and women in the political, economic, social, cultural, personal and other fields. We believe that a democratic society can exist as long as people adopt multidimensional approaches that aim to increase the well-being of all people in an equal, sustainable and stable world. With this awareness, we carry out our work in this field in order to identify the obstacles to rights violations in education, working life, sharing of domestic labor, sexual health protection and prevention of exploitation, and to be included in decision-making mechanisms in refugee communities, to strengthen awareness in the community and to develop solutions. We invite all our refugee participants who want to be a part of this network to fill out the registration form opened within the scope of the related studies.

Ailede özel gereksinimli çocuğun varlığı tüm aile bireyleri için duygusal bir yük, stres verici bir yaşam deneyimi ve sürekli başa çıkma tepkileri gerektiren bir stresör olarak değerlendirilmektedir. Bu noktada ebeveynler belli bir süre şok, reddetme, öfke, depresyon, suçluluk ve utanç duyguları hissedebilmekte ve yaşadıkları yoğun kaygı ve yalnızlık hissine rağmen yaşam tarzlarını yeniden şekillendirme ihtiyacı duymaktadır. Fakat bilinmelidir ki sosyal destek mekanizmalarının geliştirilmesi ailenin duygusal durumunu olumlu yönde güçlendirmekte ve özel gereksinimli çocuk için daha sağlıklı bir aile ortamı sunulmasına fırsat tanımaktadır. Geliştirilen bu destek ağıyla bireylerin ihtiyaç duyduğu bakımverme bilgilerine erişmelerini, çocuklarının haklarına ulaşmaları noktasında farkındalıklarını arttırmayı ve dahil oldukları sosyal ortamla birlikte iyilik hallerini güçlendirmeyi hedeflemekteyiz. Bu ağın bir parçası olmak isteyen tüm mülteci katılımcılarımızı ilgili çalışmalar kapsamında açılmış olan kayıt formunu doldurmaya davet ediyoruz.

It is a kind of mentoring and peer solidarity platform that aims to support each other and share information and ideas in the fields of identity, social development, academic and professional career through voluntary participation in order to contribute to the personal and social development of refugee youth between the ages of 15-25. On this platform, sessions aiming to build trust, provide role models, live new experiences and strengthen the sense of identity and belonging are held among young refugees. We invite all our refugee participants who want to be a part of this network to fill out the registration form opened within the scope of the related studies.

It was established to support practice skills, To support refugee children between the ages of 10-14 to look at their individual lives and social factors from a more critical perspective, to increase their self-confidence and self-expression skills, to support children’s freedom of expression by increasing their demands and awareness of their rights, needs and responsibilities and to support children’s scientific thinking and development with the awareness of democratic participation. We invite all our refugee participants who want to be a part of this network to fill out the opened registration form within the scope of the related studies.

Violence against women is an issue that comes up frequently both in the world and in our country. However, as no form of violence will be legitimized, our main goal should be to adopt a rights-based approach to violence and to spread it. As advocates of a more equal and fair world apart from social norms and stereotypes, we believe that creating a closed life group that supports women who have been subjected to violence to access the solidarity they need while struggling with the violence they experience, and which is based on the priority security and privacy of the participant, is an important element in empowering the individual. we believe. We invite all our refugee participants who want to be a part of this network to fill out the registration form opened within the scope of the related studies.

The old age period includes a period that includes the hopelessness against the integrity of the self and affects the individual’s life satisfaction and social relations. In this period, individuals experience internal inquiries about what they have and do not have, and are isolated from social relations and become lonely with physical depression. However, we believe that supporting the continuation of this relationship among individuals who have become older with the awareness that human beings are social beings, and creating the opportunity to talk about the knowledge and experiences of the participants and to meet with their peers will have a great impact on strengthening life satisfaction. We invite all our refugee participants who want to be a part of this network to  thatill out the opened registration form within the scope of the related studies.

Information and Awareness Activities:

Awareness sessions that support refugees to be informed about their access to rights in basic protection areas and to disseminate their knowledge and experience through their own channels.

These are awareness activities focused on social cohesion carried out with the participants on days considered important in the field of refugee, migration, humanitarian aid and human rights.

Field Researches:

Needs analysis studies carried out within the scope of community-oriented conservation activities include focus group discussions and stakeholder meetings.