Do Syrians Pay Their Taxes?

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We looked for the answer of the question “Do Syrians Pay Their Taxes” which is shown one of the reasons of economical crises and puts Syrians on the target after every news. We stuied not just taxes issue, also licence for opening a shop, food safety, quality and cleaning audits and also Arabic signboard. 

Who Makes The Tax Audits?
The Tax Audits are being made in cities and towns by staff who is working under the tax office which is authorized. Authorized staff can do do audits after a notify as he/she does periodically to taxpayers. Every commercial companies are liable to pay their taxes.   You can notify if you discover that a company isn’t paying its taxes. It is a civic duty to notify people who don’t pay their taxes as it is also civic duty to pay taxes.  Also there is an award from President Of Revenue Management for people who notify the people that don’t pay their taxes.

Do Syrians Have An Examption About Taxes?
There is no examption or privilege for Syrians about taxes. Just as a Turkish tradesman has to register at the chamber of commerce / tradesman when she opens a business, if she has to buy a cash register and issue an invoice for her sales, the same is true for Syrians or other foreigners.  Syrians have to take Work Permit for themselves also foreigners who are work for themselves. There must be municipality licence, tax plate and cash register in a legal office/shop. Yo must know that it is not because of any privilege which is given to Syrians if there is any cafe, market or boutique which is working in the borders of municipality illegaly.

Sultanbeyli Belediyesi Yazar Kasa Pos Cihazı
A Restaurant in Sultanbeyli. Owner is using cash register and  POS.

Food Safety Audits, Qualiy Audits 

The audits that controls companies about licence, tax plate, cash register, cleaning, fire extinguiher and prices are done by municipalities. Constabularies control periodically that if companies are appropriate for legislations or not. They warn companies if any of them is absent. Completing the absent things and being a company which is appropriate for legislations are a task for all companies. There is no special situation such as audit for Syrians.

Arrangement For Signboards In Arabic
It is defined by Turkish Standarts Institution that on which standarts a company’s signboard should be. According to those standarts, it should be %25 percent smaller than their Turkish equivalent if they use foreing words on the signboard. But there are some different implementations of municipalities about it. As an example; The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Sultanbeyli Municipality, Fatih Municipality and some other municipalities are implementing that standarts however Zeytinburnu Municipality isn’t implementing those standarts by various reasons. Only Arabic signboards which aren’t appropriote for standarts are being removed by the audits which made by governership on the audits that make by governership in İstanbul. It has been detected that it is not being removed if it is in Russian or English even the whole signboard is in those languages. Beyoğlu Municipality controls all signboards in all languages without any discrimination.

Sultanbeyli Belediyesi Doğru Arapça Türkçe Tabela Uygulaması
Turkish-Arabic Signboard Implementation Which Is Approved By Sultanbeyli Municipality

In Sultanbeyli, which our association is also there, the audits for signboards and licence & cleaning are being done by municipality officers periodically. There is no special implementation for Syrians.