We Gave Wheelchairs As Gift To 6 New People

As being RASAS  we gave wheelchairs to 6 walking disabled people in this week. Two of six are battery powered and one of them is given to Tarık who is 11 years old and both legs are amputed, other one is given to Mustafa who is working at Side bye Side Special Needs Organization(SSNO) as a volunteer . 

We Gave Wheelchair To Tarık Who Is Going To School With A Baby Stroller
Our Rehabilitation Department which is working with the support of BPRM and partnership of Relief International gave  wheelchairs to 6 more people who are chosen by SSNO. Tarık whose both legs are amputed and waiting for that chair so long said when he sat on his new wheelchair that he is looking forward to schools are reopen and also he is so excited because he don’t have to go to school on his father’s shoulders or in a stroller but he will go to school with his new battery powered wheelchair.

It Will Be Easier To Find A Job In This Way
Mustafa who is working at SSNO as a volunteer for other disabled people like himself said that his new battery powered will be a big ease for him and it will be easier to find a new job in this way.

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