We Gave A Battery Powered Wheelchair As A Gift To Feras Who Had A Stroke

Feras Kenço, was injured on an airstrike 4 years ago while he was working in the office. One of the shrapnels stabbed to his spine and because of that his two legs became disabled and he couldn’t walk anymore. We gave a battery powered wheelchair to Feras Kenço as a gift in order to help him to find a job and need less support in his daily life.

It has been 1 year since he started to come our Refugee Association Rehabilitation Center which we are carrying out with support of BPRM and partnership of Relief International. Meanwhile, he made some progress as a result of hard physioktherapy sessions with our physiotherapists. We hope that Feras can turn back to his healty days one day.

About Our Rehabilitation Center:
Our rehabilitation center gives free physical health services to the groups which are disadvantages socio-economically. The main purpose of project which is co-funded by BPRM completely is giving a relief to Turkis health system by giving physical health services to groups which are disadvantageous by socio-economically and also make those services accesable for refugees. 6 physiotherapists, 4 social workers, 1 physical therapy doctor(physiatrist) are working in our rehabilitation center. All needs of disabled people are taken into account in the center which can give services seperately to women, children and men.  CLICK for more.

* We continue to our face to face physiotherapy sessions online in order to keep treatment process of our beneficiaries stable.