We Distributed Their Presents To The Children Who Took Place ÇOGEM’s Activities

As Refugees Association we carried all our works online because of corona virus pandemic which effected all world. We were in contact with nearly 3.000 students of us and their families on Whatsapp groups we opened. We gave lessons on Zoom with our teachers, shared videos on social media and organized some competitions. We prepared some presents for our students who joined our activities and we made surprise by delivering those presents to their adresses.

Supportive lessons were prepared by our teachers on Turkish, Science and Mathematic classes which were organized at Child and Youth Center’s summer courses. We shared those classes with children on Zoom and Whatsapp. We organized some awarded competitions to keep their motivation up. We went with our teachers to houses of children who joined those workshops or activities regularly and we gave their presents to them. Seeing teachers after months face to face made students surprised very much. Our online classes and competitions will continue.