Refugees Association
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Visit to the Refugees Kindergarten from The Skeins of Kindness Knitting ClubThe Skeins of Kindness Knitting Club founded by 10th grade student of Enka High School, Burak Dönbekci, together with the children living in Koruncuk (Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection) Bolluca Children’s Village visited the kindergarten of the Association of Refugees. During their visit, members of the Knitting Club received information about the activities of the association and the refugee children studying at the Refugee Education Center Kindergarten from Fatih Gökyıldız and Medina Pulat.

Children Gifted the Clothes They Have Made
During their visit, the children had the opportunity to gift the hats and the scarves they knitted by their own hands to their refugee brothers and sisters. Hand Crafts teacher of Bolluca Children’s Village Nur Seviç stated that knitting helped children to focus as well as developing their motor skills, and that rhythmic and relaxing movements in knitting provided mental and physical relaxation. The founder and the leader of the club, Burak Dönbekci, said that sharing the clothes they knitted together with the children participating in the club with others also provided them with an opportunity to participate in a social responsibility activity.

A Good Example of Solidarity and Cooperation
The Skeins of Kindness Knitting Club, which last year visited elderly people living in a nursing home to gift the knee blankets and shawls they knitted for them and spent a pleasant day with them, had a joyful day with the refugee children in their visit today and exhibited a good example of solidarity and cooperation.