Sultanbeyli Social Cohesion Workshop

We organized a workshop on On October 2, 2018 regarding Empowering the Social Cohesion of Disadvantaged Ethnic Refugee Groups in Sultanbeyli which is funded by the European Union and supported both by Sultanbeyli Municipality and Kırkayak Kültür.

Our Participants
Local and international institutions, non-governmental organizations, municipalities, universities, advocates and academics working on disadvantaged groups, ethnic groups, Syrian refugees, Gypsies, Doms, Abdals and Romans were invited to express their opinions and experiences during the workshop. 62 individuals attended the workshop and 9 participants made contribution to the worksop as panelists.

Why Did We Gather?
There are different ethnic groups among Syrian refugees residing in Sultanbeyli. Special works must be implemented for them on account of the fact that ethnic refugee minorities are particularly disadvantaged and socially excluded groups. And therefore, we carried out field interviews within the scope of the project to recognize these groups.

What Did We Talk About?
Participants and institutions shared their own experiences on above mentionned groups. We organized a very comprehensive and productive program thanks to their knowledge and experiences. 9 participants laid emphasis on the below topics;

  • Various lifestyles and field experiences
  • Problem of immigration and identity
  • Fight against discrimination
  • Duties of the local authorities and strategies

to be developed throughout social cohesion. Refugees Community Center was visited together with the participants at the end of the workshop.