Psychological Counselling Seminars for Students and Parents

As the Psychological Counseling Unit of the Refugees Association, we organized seminars for students and parents on the rights of refugee children and the psycho-social status of children simultaneously in schools in Istanbul, Ankara, Aydın, Manisa, Denizli, Gaziantep and Samsun.

At the seminar organized at Aydın Zafer Secondary School and attended by refugee students studying at schools in Aydın, Manisa, Ankara, Denizli, Gaziantep and Samsun online, our Psychological Consultant Sümeyye Nur Dönmez informed kids about the rights that children have and affect their daily lives, such as the right to obtain an identity, and the right to social assistance.

In Istanbul Kağıthane Tülin Manço Primary School, our Psychological Counselors Süreyya Koroğlu and Gülname Özen informed parents about the content of the Common Misconceptions about Syrians prepared by the Refugees Association and the negative effects of the war and migration process on children.