Hacer, a Hydrocephalus Patient, Is Recovering

Hacer Halaf is a 6-year-old hydrocephalus patient. This disease causes more fluid to accumulate in the brain and around the brain than usual. The progression of hydrocephalus, which is a rather serious ailment, leads to permanent damage to the brain. Hacer, who started his sessions at our Physical Therapy Center last July, soon started standing and taking a few steps.

When Hacer arrived at the Physical Therapy Center of the Refugees Association in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul, she had difficulty standing. The grueling operation she had undergone to drain the fluid from her skull had exhausted her and weakened her muscles. In order for Hacer to be able to stand and walk without support, a KAFO device, that is, knee, ankle and foot orthosis support, was provided with the support of Consciousness International. Hacer’s regular attendance at physical therapy sessions strengthened her muscles and boosted her morale.

Expressing that he is very happy that his daughter can walk even a little, father Halaf stated that our physiotherapists are very compassionate and take good care of Hacer. Father Halaf also has a message for families with similar ailments:

“Do not confine your children to the house, apply to places that serve in this area, as in the Refugees Association. Even the slightest help they give causes great improvements. They guide you and provide the necessary support.”

*Conscience International is an international aid organization active in humanitarian aid in Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.