Providing ‘Lyon Brace’ for Omar to Support His Damaged Spinal-Column

Omar has been injured by a bomb, which exploded near to him in the Syrian war, and had paralyzed his movement. The explosion of the bomb has hit his spinal column below the waist, so he wasn’t able to hold his weight and balance it. In 2019, Omar came to the physical rehabilitation center of our Refugee’s association, he was bedridden because his body was very weak, and he had several injuries in his body. We (in cooperation with the BPRM program of the UN, and Relief international) have transferred him to the hospital to help him recover while providing ‘physiotherapy’ sessions for him.

Thanks to these sessions, his muscles have got strength, and he started to move gradually (without support) from bed to the wheelchair. We finally provided him with a Lyon brace that he wears all the time, to help him to make his routine tasks from the wheelchair, so he can stand and walk finally.

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