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Have we received the 3 billion euro from the european unionEuropean Union have committed that they would fund the Syrian defectors untill the end of the year 2017 , at the summit of Turkiye- European Union organized at the November 29,2015.The amount is known as 3 billion Euro but the exact amount is 2,9 billion Euro. 908 million of this amount has received Turkey at November 14,2017.

How is the Money being sent to Turkey?
The Money has not been sent directly but sent for the projects.Up to now the contracts of 55 projects which of budgets are 1.78 million Euro , have been signed and the amount of 908 million of this budget has been paid.For example KIZILAYKART which is distrubeted to Syrians for social cohension support, is one of these project .For this financial support there is a committee .At the specific periods committee comes together to discuss about the projects.The new projects are examined and the current ones are evaluated.Finally the committee made the 8. summit.