Career Center Project Started

Career Counselling Program for foreigners started to work as of the date 4th August 2020, in the scope of Career Center Project which is going to be carried out with the partnership of UNHCR and RASAS. It will be given the councelling services which is focused to employment to job seekers, employers and students in the scope project.

It is aimed to giving support to career choices, to job seekings of unemployees, to be got rid of professional cohesion problems, to developing professional skills and to job changes in the scope of these services. It will be ensured to make beneficiaries ready to professional life with the trainings in the scope of project.  Our career counselors will give supervising support to beneficiaries under 5 main headings:

  • CV (Özgeçmiş) Preparation
  • Interview Support
  • Labor Law
  • Professional Life in Turkey
  • Career Counselling

You can get an appointment from our Career Councelors for headlines above by calling  0 553 858 39 62 phone number.