Youth Initiatives Support Program For Social Cohesion Is Starting

As part of the refugee Association, Local and refugee youth living in Sultanbeyli come together and write their own projects. As part of the Program, young people will share their views and suggestions on social harmony with each other and implement a project together that will contribute to social harmony.

Youth Initiatives Support Program For Social Cohesion, is designed as a program to make young women and men from local people and refugee groups come together by Refugees Association within the scope of RESLOG Projects. The Program will contribute to social and cultural cohesion and harmony between refugees living in Sultanbeyli district and the local/host population and aims to support participatory activities. Young people who will participate in the program that is intended to be implemented will be determined by this call.

Young people over the age of 18 who are accepted to the program will be created an encounter environment where they can increase their knowledge and awareness of social harmony, come together in the education of cohabitation, migration and social harmony, increase their awareness and exchange ideas.

They will be expected to present a project idea by executing an idea for the solution of the social problems they observed(Social cohesion, early marriage, child laber etc). The project ideas presented will be evaluated by the managers and experts of the Refugees Association. The applicant of the accepted project or projects will implement the project under the mentorship of the expert staff of the Refugees Association.

Young people will increase their awareness of social cohesion, develop their capacity to prepare and develop projects, and have the opportunity to present their ideas.

Thanks to the program, the environment will be provided for young people to design and realize these dreams.

  • *Priority will be given to young people living in Sultanbeyli.
  • *Program will bein Arabic and Turkish.
  • *Certificate will be given.
  • *Gender distribution will be observed when evaluating applications.
  • Last date to apply to project: 8th March 2021 – 08:00

Project Schedule:

    • 8 March 2021:

Selection Of Suitable Candidates By Evaluating Applications

    • 15 March 2021:

Providing Social Adaptation And Basic Project Training To Suitable Candidates

    • 15 March 2021:

Beginning To Receive Project Applications In The Appropriate Format

    • 22 March 2021:

Last Day To Project Applications

    • 22 March 2021:

Evaluation Of Projects

    • 23 March 2021:

Mentor/Youth Meetings

    • 23 Mart-23 Nisan 2021:

Project Implementation Process