Refugees Association
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World Refugee Day ActivityRefugees have become an increasingly important issue in today’s world. Millions of people who are exposed to violence and oppression are forced to leave their homeland. 20th of June, World Refugee Day has been celebrated since 2001, to raise awareness of this issue.

We, as the Refugee Association organised an event for this day. At the event that we carried out in our association, a speech was done and a video was shown about the meaning and the significance of the day. Later on participants were informed about the legal rights of refugees in Turkey. Our association’s different departments made presentations about their fields to inform participants. Among these speeches a video called “Kahve” which is prepared by our colleagues was shown. Then a refugee boy who was educated in our association came out to the stage to make a speech that would inspire the participants about his own experiences and success story.

After the two young Syrian boys’ music concert, the program ended with a video of our colleagues who give love and peace messages about the meaning and the significance of the day.