Refugees Association
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Workshop on the principles of human rights with refugee children

Through the “Universal Declaration of the Human Rights Card Game”, prepared and presented to Amnesty International by the Refugee association for children aged 8 years and over, they were supported to raise awareness about child rights among children attending the workshop.

Concepts of human rights and responsibility
With the help of a psychological counselor, the contents of the concepts of rights and responsibilities of children were explained. Starting with basic rights, such as the right to life, property and legal rights, all rights were written individually on the board and all rights were discussed. Afterwards, an attempt was made to match the phrase written on each card with its image, and the group leaders selected so read the texts and others found images that match the text. Presenting the card to friends and reinterpreting it in their own words was useful for learning and understanding.

Equality in living
At the fascinating human rights workshop, children had the opportunity to compare what is in their minds with the rights they should enjoy. During this comparison, it was observed that migration due to war, and the removal of the rights of their families who had to leave their homes, prompted children to express their negative feelings about the right to “live”, “security” and “property”.

At the end of the workshop, no matter where we live and who we are, everyone is equal and free to be human, and we have the right to seek asylum in other countries and live together in peace.