What is Social and Economic Support Service (SED)?

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Social and Economic Support Service (SED) is the social support for the families who can not meet their basic needs, the economic support for the children to leave their families without leaving them, and the psycho-social support given to these families. This support provided to Turkish families by the Ministry of Family Social Policy started to be offered to immigrants who had been under temporary protection since June of 2016.

What are the Application Requirements for SED Aid?
Families with a low social economic level, temporary residence status and residing in the Sultanbeyli district may apply for SED assistance.

Who can benefit from SED?
The education, economic, health and accommodation conditions of children leaving within their families are examined according to a settled chart and the required field measures are implemented.
Families that benefit from the SED assistance will be examined by the social worker, and will be presented to the Family and Social Policy Ministry’s commission. As a result of the Commission’s decision, SED’s assistance is granted.

Number of SED Aid Applications:
As of March 22, 2017, 1,500 people living in the Sultanbeyli province were covered by the temporary protection. These applications were taken on a family basis and 362 families were examined by social workers and 340 families were linked to SED by a commission decision. In 340 families, 146 juvenile education units, 20 juvenile health services, 2 juvenile services, and 1 juvenile counseling services were taken.

How long can one get SED’s help?
The person receiving the help of the SED receives at least, 1 year of support. The continuity of the support is decided during the quarterly inspections and submitted to the commission’s approval.

In which situations do the SED benefits stop?
There is interruption of help when there exist contradiction between the information given by the family during the first interview and the situation during the controls, when beneficiaries moved from the residence address indicated at the beginning of the file and did not provide any follow-up information, when the social economic level has improved and if the children does not attend school.