We Taught How To Use LightBot To Student of Coding Courses

Middle school students learnt to use Scratch and Lightbot programs in the Refugees Association Coding Courses last week. After that, they had a joyful day by playing the games that they designed on those programs with the experience and information they had learnt.

There are 8 computers in Refugees Association Child and Youth Center Coding Course which continues to work with the support of UNHCR. We are giving free coding lessons to primary and middle school students. Our course which was closed during the pandemic has just started to lessons again. Coding Course develops capacity of children’s brain and gives them self-confidence. Children who understand the logic of coding become the programmer in the future by keep continue to educations on this field.

About Scratch:
Scratch is a programme language which has a basic interface and designed for usage of children between 8-16 years old by MIT in USA. Users can create animations, games and stories with Scratch by just using the fonctions they want with drag drop, without any coding.

About LightBot:
Lightbot which was developed by Danny Yaroslavski is a educative game for children who want to learn coding/programming concepts.