We HAVE BEEN TALKED about migration and social harmony in the context of COEXIST

In the training organized by UEFA we developed with the support of the Migration and Cohesion Joint Living Project, we met with participants who applied to volunteer in our association in the first place and discussed the concepts within the framework of social cohesion in an interactive manner.


Breaking PREJUDICES HAS A HUGE IMBACT in social media publishing activities
As part of our activities as the Social Harmony Unit of the Refugee Society , dissemination training, developed within the framework of refugee, asylum , migration and the adoption of fundamental human rights as a principle , is an important example of building healthy social harmony in society.
In the training of our volunteers , participants had the opportunity to feel the process by expressing their internal motivation about.

EXCENENCE , stereotypes, prejudice, inequality, violence and experience the effects of concepts on themselves
Participants stated that the experience of the destructive role of these concepts in individuals and social relations is an effective process. In our process, participants emphasized the need to disseminate priority requirements for social cohesion over the facts of misinformation and social channels in society.

Social cohesion is the FRAME for access to rights and social development
In our training which ended with a discussion of the basic conditions in support of social cohesion, participants pointed out that facts such as identity, access to basic needs, participation in decisions, education, work, and language are not only necessary for social cohesion, but also points necessary to access TO RIGHT as A Mentioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
We would like to thank all participants for the day when we plan new seeds for social cohesion while believing that providing an equitable, passionate and tolerant environment for all in accessing fundamental rights, regardless of differences in society, will improve social relations.

With support of Keys will continue to OrganizING training courses