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Foreign Students Scholarship Undergraduate GraduateFor foreign students who want to study undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level in Turkey, scholarships will be awarded by Turkey Scholarships ( This program is also available for the ones that wants to apply for a research scholarship. Applications for the program, which will start on 16 April 2018, will end on May 16. Applications can be made via the website of Turkey Scholarships.

Application Conditions:
Candidates who graduated from the lower level program according to the scholarship level they applied (for an example for graduate program from undergraduate level) or candidates who may graduate at the end of the academic year that they apply can apply for the Turkey Scholarships.

From Candidates:

  • For the ones that will apply for a undergraduate program to be born on 01.01.1997,
  • For the ones that will apply for a graduate program to be born on 01.01.1988,
  • For the ones that will apply for doctorate to be born on 01.01.1983,
  • For the ones that will apply for a Research Scholarship (preferably) to be born on 01.01.1973 or later,
  • Not having a health problem preventing education are the conditions that are looked for.
  • It is expected that candidates will have academic succes at the desired level according to the scholarship level and
    programs,they apply. Academic succes levels according to scholarship programs are written in the Assesment and Selection
  • In addition, candidates are being required to not study in a study program level that they will apply for currently in
  • Citizens of the Republic of Turkey and for any reason, those who have lost their Turkish nationality cannot apply for
    Türkiye Scholarships.

Türkiye Scholarships are open to candidates from all the countries of the world who have these conditions.

What Are Türkiye Scholarships?
Türkiye Scholarships are publicly funded higher education scholarships for international students by the Republic of Turkey. Foreign students who come to our country with the scholarships that are awarded by the projects (Erasmus etc.) which is carried out within the framework of the European Union in the framework of bilateral agreements with the Higher Education Board or by the scholarships which are awarded by universities are out of the scope of Türkiye Bursları.