Social Adoptation Activity: Let’s Eat Sweet and Talk Sweet

An adoptation activity has been organized for Syrian women with the cooperation of the Refugees Association and the International Blue Crescent Foundation. In the activity that 17 women participated, firstly tea with Syrian desserts was served and while explaining specialities of the desserts, their story in history by Syrian women were listened curiously. Similarities between Syrian and Turkish foods were shared.

Furthermore, another issue shared by women was the difficulties and adoptation problems which their children have experienced. While talking about these issues, we tried to develop an idea relating to how to find a solution. We shared that there is going to be common activities in the schools where Turkish and Syrian children are educated in the forthcoming term and they stated that they want to contribute.

The activities that are held by the support of Welthungerhilfe, are going to continue to bring together different participants in the upcoming days.