Right to Return Syria

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Syrians who live in Turkey under temporary protection have right to return to Syria of their own accord. Syrians who want to return to Syria at their own request, can apply to the General Directorate of Migration Management.

How to Apply?
You must make an application to the immigration department of the General Directorate of Migration Management in the province you are registered in order to apply for a volunteer return.  After having completed Voluntary Return Form which must be approved by the relevant immigration department, you will receive a final permit date to leave Turkey. You will be able to return to Syria by exiting the border gate set for you. Your Temporary Protection status will be terminated once you return to Syria.

Free Transport to the Border Gate
Those who want to return to Syria can receive consultancy from the Refugees Association Community Center. Those who have completed the related procedures at the Migration Management are carried to the border gate. This service which is made in cooperation with Esenyurt Municipality is free for refugees whose return application has been approved.