Psychological Support Center For War Victory Syrians

For many years civil war in Syria caused thousands of civil die and millions of civil leave their community and migrate.People who fell on the road with the fear of security are contuining for looking for a new country and the terrible face of war caused psychological destruction.After war and forced migration traumas that we come across on the refugees and also on their community relations , such as postraumatic stress disorder and depression are the most found mental healtg diseases. To cure these diseases is important for both refugees and also for the mental health of community. While commenting their psychology, we have to separate the situation as what happened before migration, during migration and after migration.

Refugees Association Psychological Support Center
At our Refugees Association Community Center , people who need all kinds of psychological support and their families can get the service.At Psychology Support Center on site of Refugees Association Community Center our staff occuring 1 Turk clinic expert psychologist and 1 Syrian psychologist , believe that mutual trust is the most efficient and healing factor , so first of all they begin the treatment with the acquaintance seance as to build mutual trust and social support . At first seance rating scales are used in order to evaluate the status at beginning of the treatment .From the second seance according to diagnosis, the most effective treatment method is chosen and made a personal treatment plan including at least 1 appointment each week .Intensive Cognitive Behavoiral Therapy, Schema Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavoiral Therapy are used . Besides the personal therapy 2 days a week (90-120 min.) group therapy made by groups with 10-12 participants, is also includes in the treatment plan.

Psycho Education Groups
At the same time , there are also psycho education groups including improvement of communication skills , self expression , anger management , time management and right planning techniques and coping with stress and anxiety educations.