Mohammed paralyzed by grief regained his health

Mohammed paralyzed by grief regained his health

He is 42 years old. A year ago he was able to walk alone he could move and use his hands and arms. Because of the grief of his family members who lost them ın the war he was paralyzed.

He could not use his left arm and became bedridden.Since treatment could not be found in Syria, they told relatives living in Sultanbeylı about the Refugee assocıatıon.

Then he obtained permission from the authorities to reach us wıth hope that he would be treated and reback hıs health Talha Al-Mohammad, who continued to come to our physical rehabilitation center, was supported by the International Relief Organization for two months. He start useıng his hands and arms partially after intensive sessions. He can now walk with three-legged sticks and hıs little daughter is very happy because her father will be able to walk again.

Our physiotherapists will continue to treat until Talha Al-Mohammad returns to health and is treated.

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