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Magic for Smile brings Kindergarten brothers together

An activity was conducted for the children of the kindergarten of the Refugee Education Center based on the end of their education. With the participation of students of the Asma Sultan Brotherhood Kindergarten in this activity.The children lived fun moments with the magical tricks by the magician ( Jimmy Gibberish ) who calls himself the “human magician”.
The children were actively involved with Jimmy Gibirish’s performances.


Why magic?
Magic has an important impact on the children’s mental world. Especially between the ages of 3-7 is the period when the child’s adaptation to the outside world develops rapidly. Magic-related games allow children to distinguish between imagination and the real world. It has a great impact on the development of children’s imagination.

Who ıs “The Human Magician” Jimmy Giberich?
Known as the “Human Magician”, Jimmy performs magic shows entitled “Magic for Smile” in Lebanon and its neighboring countries for immigrant and unprotected children.

Knowing the importance of the impact of magic on children, Jimmy tries to reach all children and share these shows.