Hamadeh, Entered the Walking Stage With Orthosis

Khansaa Hamadeh, a 2-year-old with congenital Spina Bifida “Spinal Opening” disease and difficulty lifting her legs, has been receiving physical therapy at the Umraniye office of the Refugees Association since September. Hamadeh has now reached the walking stage using a support device.

Khansaa Strengthens Herself Against Spina Bifida Disease…

Khansaa Hamadeh, who had difficulty moving her legs, was two years old. Khansaa was born with this disorder, and her mother wanted her child to be able to stand on her own legs. The mother, who learned that free physical therapy services were provided at the Umraniye office of the Refugees Association, applied in September 2021. Hamadeh’s condition was evaluated by physical therapists and it was decided to perform an orthosis to correct the disfigurement of her legs and to prevent discomfort and damage to other joints during the first intervention. With the support of an auxiliary device and ongoing physical therapy sessions, Khansaa has reached the stage of sitting without support and standing assisted by the orthosis.

The Physiotherapist Recorded the Following Notes About His Patient.

When Khansaa’s family applied at our association’s Umraniye office about two months ago, she had a loss of sensation and movement in her legs due to her congenital disease. The patient underwent physical therapy, the necessary exercises and electrotherapy were performed. For the process to be monitored much better and healthier, her family was shown the necessary home exercises. The treatment process has reached the stage of assisted standing and unsupported sitting with the given orthosis. The patient’s treatment continues on a regular basis. Khansaa did not experience any difficulties during the treatment process. On the contrary, she continues to improve herself day by day. The next goal is to gradually progress in her treatment and ensure that she can walk without support.

Mom Hopes That Her Daughter Will Stand On Her Own Two Feet

“For some time now, my daughter has been receiving treatment in the Rehabilitation Unit of the Refugees Association. I monitor my daughter’s sessions regularly. Sessions are held once a week, on Fridays. I have to follow up on her treatment regularly until my daughter Khansaa is back to her health. I am grateful for the free services provided by the Refugees Association. I hope that one day my daughter will be able to stand on her own legs freely and without support.”

*Spina Bifida: The Case when the Spine Is Split.

Spina Bifida is a disease that occurs in the womb. In this anomaly, which occurs in the first month of pregnancy, the baby’s spine does not fully close when forming, and therefore it is also popularly known as “Split spine disease”. As a result of this disease, strokes of various types occur, depending on the level of injuries.

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