Forestanbul Adventure Park Visit

Outdoor activities play an important role in facilitating interaction between individuals and different cultures by supporing the participation of disadvantaged societies to socio-cultural activities.

Participants Learn and Have Fun!
Our participants came together in the Forestanbul Adventure Park visit and found and opportunity to raise the sense of childhood curiosity through the discovery journeys and experienced the roles required by social life such as teamwork, problem solving and conflict-reconciliation.

Experience of Living Together
The aim of the ice breaker games performed with the support of the psychological counselors of the Refugees Association was to strengthen the communication and interaction between the children. Participants were informed about how physical exercises and sports activities raise the culture of living together under the supervision of a physical education teacher as a facilitator. The participants came together in the adventure park and had the opportunity to learn by experiencing the social life culture which is of vital importance in terms of social cohesion.

Our social cohesion activities carried out with the support of GIZ will continue with different activities.