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computerRefugees Community Center
Established with the support of Sultanbeyli Municipality and Welthungerhilfe, Sultanbeyli Refugee Community Center was formed in 2014 in order to find solutions to the problems confronted by the refugees living in Sultanbeyli. Refugee Community Center provides free support to refugees and asylum seekers in topics covering health, sheltering, education, culture, law, interpreting and employment.

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SUKOM Software Project
SUKOM is a software developed by the Refugees Association in order to solve the problems encountered by the refugees who came to Turkey leaving their homeland, facilitate the follow-up process of refugees, determine and provide their needs them from a single center. A web-based software SUKOM can be used on all devices connected to the internet.

Physical Rehabilitation and Psychological Support Center Project
Refugee Association Physical Rehabilitation and Psychological Support Center was established on February 13, 2017 with the support of Relief International. Those who are in need of healthcare services are sent to the related hospitals and can benefit from physical therapy, individual and group therapy within the scope of this project. Assisstive devices such as wheelchair, walking stick, crutch, arm, shoulder strap, corner seat and positionning aid are provided to people in need in this project. Prothesis and orthosis are provided are also offered as well as assistive devices.

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Project of Women Guest House
Women Guest House was established within the body of Refugees Association with the support of Welthungerhilfe. Women Guest House provides sheltering opportunity to women (and children if any) who were exposed to all formes of violence by their husbands, have been left alone with their children as a result of death or divorce. This center delivers solution to enable women to play role in the community and provide a living space for the women and their children. Children are supported to continue their education.

Migrant Health Center Project
Migrant Healt Center within the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey has been providing service on the first floor of the Refugee Association numbered 2. Syrian doctors are employed in the center. Sultanbeyli Numbered 2 Migrant Health Center has the capacity to offer service to 350 patients. The center has Child Diseases, Internal Diseases, Family Practice and X-Ray unit.

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German-Turkish Partnership for Vocational Skills Development
German-Turkish Partnership for Vocational Skills Development is supported by the German Development Agency Sequa gGmbH with the funds provided by the German Development Ministry (BMZ) at the Sultanbeyli Refugee Association. This project makes sure that the disadvantaged Turks, refugees and foreigners under temporary protection can create a future for themselves through Turkish language training, social cohesion modules and vocational skills training courses.

UNHCR Protection Project
Refugees are visited in their home within the scope of this project supported by UNHCR and the necessary information and guidance are provided to make them benefit from their current rights and services. Awareness-raising seminars, training, events and workshops are organized for families to minimise vulnerable cases identified during visits (such as schooling process for children, risks related to early marriage and child labor etc.).

Social Cohesion, Guidance Activities, Artistic, Cultural and Sport Activities Project
This project along with the support of UNHCR includes transforming Sultanbeyli Refugee Training Center into a safe and secure center for Turkish and refugee children and young people living in Sultanbeyli district of Istanbul. This center was established in order to support the education of children and young people, and to solve the problems they experienced at school.

Children Caravan Project
Children’s Caravan project is carried out with the support of the Blue Crescent Foundation, Sultanbeyli Municipality and the Refugee Association. The project has been carried out for children living areas of Istanbul where it is diffcult to travel to benefit from non-school education, life skills games and psychological support services.

The STRENGTHS Project is funded by the Horizon 2020 European Union program. The project is carried out in cooperation with İstanbul Şehir University and the Refugee Association. Within the scope of this project, Syrian refugees benefit from mental health intervention program called Problem Management (PM +). The project aims at solving the problems faced by the Syrian refugees who have mental problems and the PM + approach is also tested.

Vocational and Hobby Courses Project
Vocational and hobby courses which are supported by Welthungerhilfe aim at making sure that the refugees under temporary protection become self-sufficient indiviudals. Various vocational courses such as clothing and textile industry (sewing), hand skill and handicrafts and guitar workshops are provided at the Refugee Association. Vocational skills courses are given by the trainers of the Public Training Center. Those attending the workshops may be involved in educational programs and activities including Professional trainings. Those who have already completed their courses can find a job with their professional knowledge.

Project For Empowering Disadvantaged Ethnic Refugee Groups In Sultanbeyli With Social Cohesion
Project For Empowering Disadvantaged Ethnic Refugee Groups In Sultanbeyli With Social Cohesion started in July 2018 and ended in November 2018. With the project supported by both the European Union and the Kırkayak Kültür, strategies were formed to identify and solve the problems experienced by the disadvantaged ethnic refugee groups and the reports were prepared and presented to the public through a workshop.

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