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Turkish Education CenterTurkish Education Center
Refugees Education Centre that went into action by December of 2015 -MUTEM- is established on the purpose of reintroducing Syrian adults and children who live in Sultanbeyli to the society and assisting them to create a qualified communication with the society.

Turkish Education Courses
Turkish education courses in the Refugees Education Centre are constructed in agreement with the language levels determined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Language. In this centre, Turkish courses are taughtthe level of A1, A2, B2 and each course consists of 150 hours. Gaining of four main language ability (reading, speaking, writing and listening) is aimed at the Turkish trainings. The students who participate the courses, by been evaluated with the exams of the unit and final, successful students may continue with an upper course if they wish.

Turkish Speaking Club
A speaking activity has been organized at various times one day in a week with the intent of developed speaking and listening abilities that are most needed by the trainees in the Refugees Education Centre. Hence trainees, can find an opportunity to use in practice the things which they learnt in Turkish courses, at the speaking club.