Refugees Association
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Refugee Councils
Refugee Councils
As the Refugees Association, we established Refugee Councils considering that it would be appropriate to include the refugees, the main actors of the event, in order to manage the refugee crisis in our country well. Under the roof of the Refugee Society Community Center, we have four councils: the Children’s Council, the Youth Council, the Women’s Council and the Men’s Council. At these councils which include refugees only, common issues and solution offers are being talked without discrimination and politics. Councils, where refugee ideas are important and consultations are held on what can be done together, lay the groundwork for good governance.

Why Are Councils Important for Refugees?
It is not hard to imagine that the social bonds of the refugees who had to emigrate from their own countries and are far away from their homes were injured by heavy trauma. We want individuals to come together for their community and common areas, leaving their personal problems at hand and to find both their problems and the solutions to their problems by coming together. For this reason, councils have a great importance in bringing together the refugees and creating a common platform in which they can coexist.

If You Want to Join the Councils
If you want to join the councils and become a part of this project you can come to the Refugee Community Center and register at the Information Desk.