Socıal Cohesıon Department

Ezgi Kaplan who is graduated from İstanbul University Political Sciens and Public Administration, continued to her academic works by completing her master degrees at İstanbul University Local Governments Urban & Environmental Studies and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Urban Planning proggrammes. She worked in private sector for a short term after her volunteer work in non-govermental area and she has been working as Social Cohesion Unit Officer in RASAS since 2017. She is taking place on all supportive activities of Social Cohesion Works for cohesion between host community and immigrant communities. 

June 20, World Refugee Day; Day Of Being Human And Living Together

Refugee; because of race, religion, social position, political thinking or national identity in his country, he can be defined as the person who lost his trust in his own state, left his country with the idea that his own state would not be impartial to him, sought asylum in another country and was ‘accepted’ by that country.  Since 2001, june 20th is called World Refugee Day every year and special events are held by different institutions. The fact that today is commemorated internationally is due to draw attention to the problems experienced by refugees and to raise social awareness.

There are 25.9 million refugees in the world
In its annual report, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) announced that as of 2018, 70 million 800 thousand people were displaced worldwide. According to UNHCR data, there are 25.9 million refugees in the world today. 41.3 million people are internally displaced, and 3.5 million are refugees. Forced displaced should not be considered purely quantitative data. Those people who are forcibly displaced must also have a life within the framework of human rights standards.

Refugees and Rights Violations

In many regions of the world and in Turkey, refugees are also subjected to rights violations. They can ignore the right to education, access to health, cultural/social rights, travel rights and working rights and face discriminatory attitudes. It should also be noted that only people with “refugee” status live in the country where they seek refuge with legal protection. Millions of people who have not officially received “refugee” status are now fighting for their lives in different geographies.

In textile workshops, constructions, small industrial facilities, refugees who are employed at low wages without their social rights…

Syrian child workers who are at school age and employed…

Early marriages are sold as second or third spouses.

Discriminatory Discourses Exposed by Refugees

Discriminatory discourses to which refugees are subjected become permanent through media organs, and thus, verbal and physical violence experienced by individuals can increase. As the Refugee Association, we would like to express that we stand against all kinds of rights exploitation, negative prejudices and attitudes, discrimination and all kinds of hate speech against refugees.

It is among the duties of the states to provide and maintain a humane standard living conditions for all people. Access barriers to rights in education, health, employment, cultural and social areas should not be eliminated. It should not be forgotten that nobody will want to be displaced under ordinary conditions and refugee should be considered as a result of all these negative situations.

Living Together Possible
On 20 June World Refugee Day, we invite all actors who can contribute to this purpose to take responsibility and produce solutions, reminding that every person has the right to live in dignified conditions. However, in such a situation, we can make it possible to be human together and to live together.