What is Voluntariness?
Voluntariness, is being defined  support an NGO or social enterprise to increase the life standarts of other people who are not family member or one of relatives or achieve a goal which is been thought useful for society; without any financial benefit only by coming from heart or believing in that it is true.

Volunteers can be people who have qualifications such as knowledge, experience, energy, hospitality, sharing, good human relations, taking responsibility or they can be just  a person without those qualifications who just wants to do something useful for society. The first and indispensable qualification of a volunteer must carry is being “volunteer” sincerely. 

Voluntariness contribute to person about spiritual satisfaction and enrichment, self-confidence development, development on team work skills, development on social status and also finding new environment, friendships and new hobbies

What Does Voluntariness Mean To Us?
For us, it means people who spend/work their knowledge, skills and abilites, opportunities and time without expectation of financial or any other benefit and joins to RASAS’s activities according to our “Association’s” mission  as a volunteer regularly or for a definite time period  by their own will.  


To contribute to the society we live in,

To live the happiness of helping people who need help,

To contribute our personal development by findin an oppotunity to improve our skills we have,

To prove and experience that we can be beneficial without any expectation for benefit in a world which everything meeasured by price,

To be a beneficial and exemplary human beings to society,

To live the happiness of helping people such as aggrieved, forlorn, orphan etc,

To make powerful the feeling of social assistance and solidarity...

What Do We Do?

RASAS Voluntariness Programme has worked with 163 different volunteers since May 2019.


Number of Volunteers

11 different areas:

Process Of Being Volunteer

Which stages your application is going through ?


2-Meeting of Association's Presentation

3-Individual Interviews

4-Signing the Voluntariness Contract

5-Voluntariness Orientation Programme

6-Volunteer Activities

7-Volunteer Motivation Activities

8-Certificate of Voluntariness