Turkish and Syrian Families Come Together

Supporting by Welthungerhilfe, Turkish and Syrian families gathered in the district of Sultanbeyli.The Turkish and Syrian families have had the opportunity to meet together during the event, which aims to ensure social harmony. Sultanbeyli Mayor Hüseyin Keskin, Vice President of Sultanbeyli Municipality and in the same time the President of the Refugees Association, Zafer Söğütçü and Strategy Development Manager of Sultanbeyli Municipality Halil İbrahim Akıncı participated in the event.

Historical Places in İstanbul 
The Syrians who live in Istanbul, but do not know many places, were able through meeting with Turkish families to get to know places and spend time together during the weekend.During the tour, participants were briefed on the historical details of the Bosphorus Istanbul in the presence of a guide in Turkish and Arabic.The children were greatly affected by the sunny weather, the boat ride, and the existing bridges connecting the two continents.Families who had the opportunity to conduct many talks said they found the event was very important.

The activities of promoting social harmony supported by Welthungerhilfe will continue in a variety of way.