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Turkish and Syrian Children Are Discovering Toy Museum26 children who 16 of them are Syrian an 10 of them are Turk , have the chance to see the toys that Sunay Akın collected from different countries for 20 years.In the toy museum children have discovered space , below the sea , old and new public transports , comics’ and tales characters while Child and Youth Education Center ÇOGEM accompany the children . The feelings that children have above the toys such as wonder and happiness are integrated to creativity to the toys that are handmade by themselves.Bringing the toys that tey made by themsekves make them keep it as a good souvenir.

We Saw The Toys and Had Fun Together
Syrian and Turkish childrens’ attendance together to this activity each childrens’ playing and discovering at the museum make them be in connection with each other and prepare a ground to become a partnership . Having fun and seeing the toys have become a support to develop the cohension with each other .

The outdoor activities of ÇOGEM will go on next month also.