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True or False, facts about Syrian refugeesAlmost every day about refugees comes on social media, on television and in newspapers. Most of the news on social media has a racist language that is far from correct. Unfounded news misleads the public and destroys the peace of society. For this reason, we have listed some of the most common mistakes:

1. “Syrians who want, can enter the university without entry examination”
There is no discrimination for Syrian students in this regard. The rights an American citizen student has, a Syrian student has as well. For this reason, Syrian students, like other foreign students, can not enter the university neither without the “Turkey Scholarships”, the Examination for Foreign Students nor following the conditions for transfer.

2. “Syrian students are given “full” grants from the state budget”
The public is arguing that scholarships were given to all of the Syrian students. Only a limited number of Syrian students who apply through “Turkey Scholarships” and meet certain criteria are awarded with scholarships.

3. “TOKI’s houses are given for free to Syrians”
If you read Toki’s application conditions on the internet site, you will see that this claim is unfounded. The first condition to be a TOKI host is to be a citizen of the Turkish Republic. Since Syrian people are not Turkish citizens, they can not receive free houses, even with money, they could still not be able to purchase a TOKI house.

4. “Syrians don’t have to pay for the Motored Vehicles Tax”
Syrians who buy vehicles from Turkey or bring their own vehicles to Turkey have to register and buy a license plate. In addition, for these motorized vehicles, owners are obliged to pay tax.

5. “Syrians can vote in elections”
The very first condition for voting in elections and popular votes in our country is to be a citizen of Republic of Turkey. A person who is not a citizen of the Republic of Turkey can never vote in elections. For this reason, this claim is a complete fiction. Foreigners from what ever countries can never vote during elections.

6. “Syrians can benefit from IVF treatment for free”
In the statement made by the Social Security Institution, it was declared that no health expenses of the refugees in Turkey were covered by SGK.