Social Cohesion Activities Continue with Workshops

The activities carried out in order to ensured that the local people and asylum seeker communities live in harmony, free from prejudices, by strengthening their socio-cultural in the perspective of human rights, and making this sustainable, are carried out under the umbrella of the social cohesion unit. One of the activities carried out in this context is workshop activities. Workshops are regular and continuous activities planned on different topics for different age groups. The ongoing workshops are based on women, children and family groups.

Workshops for Women and Children
While there are workshops such as art, needle punching, and macramé workshops for women, fine arts are worked in children’s workshop covering 9-15 age group and in family workshops aimed at the participation of early childhood children and their parents together. The workshops, which last for approximately 6 weeks on a regular basis, on the same day and time each week, are carried out as a closed group.

Social Relations Are Strengthening
While the participants gain experience in fine arts and craft, they have the opportunity to share an environment where they strengthen their social relations, develop new bonds and get to know each other`s living spaces. They also experience communicating with individuals from different cultures, overcoming the language barrier, collaborating, being productive and taking time for them.