Refugees Association
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Education CentreRefugees Education Centre
The Mülteciler Turkish Education Center (MÜTEM), which startedoperating in 2015, has undertaken the task of teaching Turkish to Syrian children and adults together with the temporary education centreslocated in Sultanbeyli. Mülteciler Education Center aims to ensure that the Syrians have a healthy communication with the Turkish community and that the Syrians can adapt to the life in Turkey as soon as possible by giving service every day of the week.

Mülteciler Turkish Education Center, which has a capacity of 1,400 students, provides education for all children, especially Turkish language for Syrian children in every academic year. It is planned that 700 students will be educated in the morning and 700 students in the afternoon. There are currently 600 Syrian students continuing their education. All school amterial needs of the children’s are met by the Mülteciler Association.

Turkish Lessons for Syrian Adults
The Refugee Training Center. Nearly 250 Syrian adults learn Turkish in seperate classrooms. Adults classes have a capacity of 1000 students.